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Bring Her Home

This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to place your message in a bottle which will be displayed in the living time capsule to be located in Port Adelaide.
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New Book Released

Bew book released

New book released by genealogist Ron Roberts containing stories of the cabin passengers on the City of Adelaide.
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Living Time Capsule

Living Time Capsule

Tell your story and be part of history - the history of your family, business, community group or school. Preserve it in the living time capsule to be opened in 2039.
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Welcome to the website for the splendid clipper ship City of Adelaide - the oldest clipper ship in the world.

The City of Adelaide (1864) and Cutty Sark (1869) are the last two clipper ships surviving in the world today. The Cutty Sark is famous for carrying tea from China and wool from Sydney, Australia, to Britain. The City of Adelaide is famous for being specially designed as a passenger ship. Over a quarter of a century the City of Adelaide carried English, Scottish, Cornish, German, Danish, Irish and other migrants to South Australia. Today, the descendants of her passengers can be found throughout Australia.

The City of Adelaide also imported trade goods into South Australia as well as carry South Australian exports such as copper, wool and wheat to Britain on the return voyages.

We plan to bring the City of Adelaide back to South Australia and display her as part of a heritage, sense of place, sense of time, experiential, and not-for-profit Seaport Village in Port Adelaide.

All members of the Clipper Ship 'City of Adelaide' Limited are 100% volunteers and do not receive any remuneration in any way, in any form, at any time. They are dedicated community members who donate their own time, own materials and own money to support the clipper. Thus 100% of your support will go directly towards the efforts to save the historic clipper ship City of Adelaide.


Civic Trust Awards

South Australian Register - 8 November 1864

... Nor is speedy progress the only aim, for in her passenger appointments every means have been taken to ensure perfection. The main saloon is a handsome appointment decorated with white and gold, and furnished with settees, tables and sideboard of solid teak.

‘Shipping Intelligence’, South Australian Register, Adelaide, South Australia, 8 November 1864.

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