Last Voyage Underway - 26 November 2013

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Last Voyage Underway - 26 November 2013

NEW ITINERARY DETAILS Thursday 5 DEC 2013: This webpage is not being updated as new itinerary details become available. New itinerary details can be found here - the Final Voyage.

'City of Adelaide' departing Rotterdam on 'MV Palanpur', 26 November 2013. Photo: Wiebbe Bonsink (HEBO).
'City of Adelaide' departing Rotterdam on 'MV Palanpur', 26 November 2013. Photo: Wiebbe Bonsink (HEBO).


The last voyage of a 19th century clipper ship is now underway. The MV Palanpur carrying the City of Adelaide departed Rotterdam at about 13:15 local (Dutch) time on 26 November 2013. Next stop is Norfolk, Virginia, USA.  The clipper was loaded onboard the Combi-Lift heavy-lift ship on Friday 22 November.

The last voyage of the City of Adelaide, on the back of Combi Lift’s Palanpur, has virtually become a tribute to its service in the North Atlantic Timber Trade and the South Australian Service as it will first cross the Atlantic to North America as then transit around the Cape of Good Hope, to Port Adelaide, thereby retracing the old clipper route.

The voyage to Australia is likely to adopt the following itinerary:

  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Norfolk, Virginia, USA
  • Cape Town, South Africa (not visiting port)
  • Port Hedland, Western Australia
  • Dampier, Western Australia (not confirmed)
  • Port Adelaide, South Australia

The MV Palanpur, with the City of Adelaide on-board, is estimated to arrive in Port Adelaide between 18 and 30 January 2014. We have installed a satelite tracker so that the voyage can be followed while the ship is away from shore-based tracking stations. The voyage can be followed here - the Final Voyage.

We are offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a 'virtual' ticket on the final voyage home of the City of Adelaide . You can donate to become a member of the crew, a passenger or a stowaway or you can send some cargo. Please visit this link.


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