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We thank the following organisations and individuals who have shown their support of this project with generous donations of services, expertise, or financial assistance.

Businesses and Organisations


Akso Nobel

Antiquarian Print Gallery

Aztec Analysis

Baird Maritime

BEA Motors



Channel 7

Cleland McFarlane Selth

Club Marina Holidays

Customs Agency Services

E&A Limited

Engraving Services Co. & Insignius Distinctive Signage

Einstein da Vinci and Co.

Helen Roberts Photography

International Association of Cape Horners

Lloyds Register

Lynch Meyer


Manuele Engineers

Maritime Constructions

M&C Saatchi

Morgan Simpson

MWS Engineering

National Trust South Australia

Rann Communication

Royal Institution of Naval Architects

Robert Carter Marine Artist

SA Hoist

Samaras Group

State Library of South Australia

Turner Partners

Earliest Supporters

The Save the 'City of Adelaide' Action Group's immediate past patron and former Adelaide Lord Mayor Alfred Huang.  Lord Mayor Alfred Huang 
The Adelaide City Council for material support including use of the Adelaide Town Hall meeting rooms, offering to host a civic function in support of the clipper ship City of Adelaide, and providing gifts from the Adelaide City Council for presentation to the Scottish Government. Adelaide City Council
The South Australian Tourism Commission for the use of images and their logo on this website. South Australian Tourism Commission
ASC Pty Ltd (formerly Australian Submarine Corporation), and in particular Ross Milton, for pledging use of the ASC shiplift and for provision of some of the images used on this site. ASC Shiplift

Port Adelaide Maritime Corporation, and in particular Richard McLachlan, for pledging the use of PAMC land in the vicinity of the ASC shipyard to house the City of Adelaide whilst a site such as Fletcher's Slip is being prepared to accept the clipper.
Techport Australia
Adelaide Brighton Cement and in particular Marcus Clayton   
Adelaide Brighton Ltd.

The late Jaan Lindsaar of Northbank Marine and owner of Fletcher's Slip who kindly provided us with a location to hold our meetings, and offered the slipway for a peppecorn rental to accommodate the City of Adelaide in Port Adelaide.

Northbank Marine
DSB Offshore shipbrokers, and in particular David and Roland, for chasing down many leads and quotations for heavy lift ships, semi-submersible ships and flat-deck barges. DSB Offshore
Edward D Walker is a world renowned marine artist/publisher who specialises in deep sea sail but has an extensive interest in ships of all categories and eras.  His paintings hang in public, private and royal collections worldwide.

Walker is the official artist to RMS Titanic Inc, the New York based salvors, conservationists and guardians of the RMS Titanic.

Lengthy research on each commisioned work, before even putting brush to canvas, results in paintings which are outstanding in their authenticity. Walker has gained well deserved recognition throughout the art world due, in part, to his meticulous attention to detail which is evident in each piece he produces. This excellence, combined with an inate sense of colour, depth and perspective, have resulted in paintings being classed not just as beautifully crafted works of art, but also as important historical documents in their own right.

Fine art prints of original Walker oils are available through his publishing company, Sumar Publications.

Mr. Walker has provided us with permission to use his images.
ED Walker 'City of Adelaide' in Channel

ED Walker 'City of Adelaide' at Sea

of Yachtsdownunder for creating and donating a superb, large-size model of the clipper ship City of Adelaide.

Dymak Pty. Ltd. and in particular Martin Hogan for assistance with advice on heavy lift solutions and costings, website development and support, and building the databases.  Dymak

Ron Roberts is a descendant of three City of Adelaide passengers who migrated to South Australia from Cornwall and went to Moonta to work in the copper mines.

Ron writes unpublished articles (to leave for his children and grand-children) based on his family genealogy and the social and local history that has affected each generation.

Ron has made four visits to the City of Adelaide in Glasgow and at Irvine since 1986. He has researched and written the majority of the biographical stories on this website.

Ron Roberts with the Falls of Clyde in Honolulu

Navtech Pty. Ltd.
for assistance with project management plans, business plans, costings, and website development.


The Marina Hindmarsh Island
for support and assistance in many different ways and use of their city offices for committee meetings.

The Marina Hindmarsh Island
Aztec Analysis ( a division of Wallbridge & Gilbert Consulting Engineers ) for design of all aspects of the Loadout , Barge transportation and Lifting operations including the 100 tonne steel cradle.
Wallbridge and Gilbert
Pam Whittle the great-grand-daughter of Captain David Bruce who provided tremendous historical information from within the family treasures. Captain David Bruce
John Perkins for developing the tremendous and evocative artwork seen in many places on this website. John Perkins
Roger Sando for use of graphics and material from his web site that tells the story of how his ancestors came from England and Ireland, as free emigrants in search of a better life, to settle in the new colony of South Australia during the 1800's. Roger Sando
Julie Stokes who was the original webmaster and who devoted hundreds of hours into developing the first version of our award winning website. Julie Stokes

Southern Areas Computer Scene
assisted in the production of our presentation to the Glasgow conference, and with technical advice in other areas.

Sothern Areas Computer Scene
State Library of South Australia for permission to publish various images from the SLSA collections on this website.

(Image of Mortlock Wing - State Library of South Australia - copyright and permission of William
Mortlock Wing - State Library of South Australia - copyright William Robinson

State Library of Western Australia
for permission to publish various images on this website.

Bob Sexton in Adelaide South Australia for technical advice and permission to use his plans and drawings. Bob is a well reknowned maritime historian.

Dr. Alan Platt in the UK for technical advice and archeological information.  Alan is a well reknowned historian and archeologist.

Fred Walker in the UK for Naval Architecture advice and costings.  Fred is well reknowned as previously being the Naval Architect for the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich as well as the Naval Architect for the H.M. Bark Endeavour Replica Project.

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