Track of the Final Voyage

Track of the Final Voyage

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UPDATED Friday 07 FEB 2014: The 'City of Adelaide' has been discharged from the 'Palanpur' and has been transferred by barge to Dock One, Port Adelaide. A gallery of images is available at this link

PLEASE SEND PHOTOS: If you spot the City of Adelaide and Palanpur in Norfolk, Cape Town, or Port Hedland, or even on the high seas, please send us your high resolution images to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your permission (license) to use them.

The last voyage of a 19th century clipper ship is now underway. The MV Palanpur carrying the City of Adelaide departed Rotterdam at about 13:15 local (Dutch) time on 26 November 2013. The clipper was loaded onboard the heavy-lift ship on Friday 22 November.

The last voyage of the City of Adelaide, on the back of Combi-Lift’s Palanpur, has virtually become a tribute to its service in the North Atlantic Timber Trade and the South Australian Service. After leaving Rotterdam, the voyage will cross the Atlantic to Norfolk, Virginia, USA, effectively representing the old Timber Trade voyages. After collecting a cargo of six locomotives in Virginia, the voyage will head south, passing the coast of Brazil, and approximately rejoining the old traditional clipper route from the UK to Australia.

There are then two diversions from the historical clipper route as the Palanpur visits:

  1. Cape Town, South Africa, to refuel. The City of Adelaide often visited Cape Town on homeward voyages from Port Adelaide to London.(but did not need to refuel). The City of Adelaide last visited South Africa in 1890 after she stopped working in the South Australian trade.
  2. Port Hedland, Western Australia, to deliver the six locomotives loaded in Virginia.

The voyage to Australia is expected to adopt the following itinerary:

  • Rotterdam, Netherlands - departed 26 November ~12:15 UTC.
  • Norfolk, Virginia, USA - departed 13 December ~4:15 UTC.
  • Cape Town, South Africa, to bunker/refuel - departed 05 January 2014 ~23:30 UTC.
  • Port Hedland, Western Australia - departed 26 January 2014 ~ 00:30 local time.
  • Port Adelaide, South Australia:
    • Arrived Port Adelaide - Monday 3 February (06:00 AM local time) off Outer Harbor.
    • Pilot Embarked - Monday 3 February (06:45 AM local time).
    • Berthed and All Fast - Monday 3 February (08:50 AM local time) at Berth 18.
    • Unfastening (removing sea-fastenings) - Completed on Tuesday 4 February (PM local time) at Berth 18.
    • Skidding the 'City' across the deck of 'Palanpur' - completed approximately noon (local time) on Thursday 6 February at Berth 18.
    • Transfer of the 'City' by the cranes on 'Palanpur' to the barge 'Bradley' - completed approximately 6:30pm (local time) Thursday 6 February.
    • Bridges opened - 7:45pm (local time) Thursday 6 February.
    • Transitted bridges - 8:00pm (local time) Thursday 6 February.
    • Arrived Dock One - 8:15 pm (local time) Thursday 6 February.
    • All fast at Dock One - 8:40pm (local time) Thursday 6 February.
    • Palanpur departed - 1:30am (local time) Friday 7 February.

During the voyage to Australia we had installed a satellite tracker so that the voyage could be followed while the ship was away from shore-based tracking stations. The fixes shown in the map below were received every 4 hours - times given in the map are Greenwich Mean Time.

PLEASE HELP. We do need your help to support the 'City of Adelaide'. Please buy a virtual ticket, or a virtual chicken, or be a virtual crew member, by clicking on the big round button at the top right of your screen.

Track of the Final Voyage

The track above was plotted every four hours with data transmitted to shore via satellite. The track below is updated every few minutes but is not transmitted via satellites. It is reliant on vessels being within range of shore-based tracking stations.

MV Palanpur Track


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