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    The 'City', as she was affectionately known in her hey day, had several masters in her lifetime at sea. But hers is an unusual tale, because the captaincy of this vessel was something of a family affair, both the original master and two of his sons captained the City of Adelaide during her busiest trading years.

    We have collected much information relating to these fine men of the sea. Take a while to learn more about them.

    As always, if you have photos or diaries or any other information that helps us to know more about these fine captains, please Contact Us.

    The Masters

    David Bruce- 1864 to 1867
    John Bruce- 1867 to 1873
    Llewellyn Bowen- 1873 to 1875
    Alexander Bruce- 1875 to 1876
    E.D. Alston- 1876 to 1887

    Further details on the Captans are available at the links below the photographs.

    Captain David BruceCaptain John BruceCaptain Alexander Bruce

    The Captains from the Bruce Family: David, John and Alexander

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